Solo Mini- Retreat

120 MINUTES $130

Indulge yourself with a 15 minute herbal infused foot soak with exfoliating foot scrub, 45 minutes of foot reflexology, 60 minutes of Thai Bodywork & steam heated herbal compresses. Complimentary tea is served.


Side -by-side Mini- Retreat

 120 MINUTES $130

Treat yourself and someone you love! Relax side-by-side with a 30 minute foot soak with essential oils, blended salts and an exfoliating foot scrub. De-stress with 30 minutes of foot reflexology each followed by 60 minutes of Restorative Yoga & steam heated Thai herbal compresses. Complimentary tea is served.


Foot Soak & Reflexology

Treat your tired feet! Relax as you soak in an essential oil or Thai herbal infused oil blend, Epsom salts, sea salts, and organic soaps, followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub & foot reflexology.

60 MINUTES $70 • 90 MINUTES $95

Also Offering Group Sessions

  • Group of 2 $110 (1 hour )

  • Group of 3 $155 (1.5 hours)

  • Group of 4 $195 (1.75 hours)

    Reflexology is a relaxing therapy that involves applying direct pressure to specific areas of the entire foot, especially the soles. The feet have over 7,200 reflex areas. This method is used to stimulate reflex points that correspond with our internal organs and glands. These techniques help improve blood circulation and relax the nervous system, bringing a sense of overall relaxation and well being. Complimentary tea is served.


Corporate Foot Reflexology

Why not motivate your team and improve office morale by promoting workplace wellness? A relaxed and happy staff is a more productive team.

Offering 15, 30 and 60 minute on-site sessions with essential oils.

$80/hr, (2 hour minimum).

Foot Soak & Sugar Scrub

30 MINUTES $30 • 45 MINUTES $45

Soak your feet in this essential oil infused or Thai herbal oil blended foot bath. Includes Epsom salts, sea salt, jojoba, sesame, and coconut oil, followed by a skin smoothing sugar scrub made from organic ingredients. Complimentary tea is served.


Solo Infrared Sauna & Amethyst Gemstone Mat

30 MINUTES $35 45 MINUTES $45

Looking for some alone time in a little hot spot? The Sunlighten far infrared sauna warms at the core first, rather than the skin’s surface. Beneath you lies the MediCrystal gemstone mat, filled with hundreds of tumbled amethyst crystals. MediCrystal mats offer a deep penetrating heat while emitting negative ions. This combination can improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss and reduce stress and anxiety while you rest.


Thai Bodywork

60 MINUTES $70 • 90 MINUTES $95

120 MINUTES $130

Thai Bodywork is a unique healing practice which originates from Thailand and has been practiced for hundreds of years, and is also known as lazyman’s yoga or yoga for the sen. This therapy involves a series of yoga-like stretches, acupressure along the body’s energy or sen lines and steam heated herbal compresses on the entire body. Thai bodywork is performed on a large comfortable floor mat. The client wears loose comfortable clothing.

Benefits of Thai Bodywork include:

  • improves flexibility

  • overall relaxation

  • stress reduction

  • opens energy lines in the body

  • improves muscle fatigue/soreness

  • improves blood circulation


Thai Cupping & Scraping (Gua Sha)

30 MINUTES $35

Cupping and scraping are (TTM) practices used to draw stagnant fluid and blood from injured areas of the body to the skin’s surface.

  • Not indicated for pregnant, depleted or ill individuals