Thai Bodywork    

Thai Bodywork, also known as "lazy man's yoga" blends bodywork techniques with assisted yoga-like stretches.  The practitioner performs  warming the body with the application of steam heated thai herbal compresses,  followed by static stretches, acupressure and slow rhythmic movements along the body's energy lines . Meanwhile,  the recipient remains relaxed.  This  sequence helps relieve physical and emotional tension while  energetically balancing the body. Thai Bodywork is performed on a large  comfortable  floor mat with the practitioner  and recipient dressed in loose fitting/comfortable clothing allowing for ease of movement and flexibility.

Benefits of Thai Bodywork :

  • relaxation
  • increased flexibility
  • tension reduction
  • overall wellbeing

  • Pricing

  • 60 minutes/$70

    90 minutes/$95

  • 120 minutes/$135

  • (by appointment only)